About Us

Welcome to BADcycle.com! Ebikes make you wanna do this:


We are a Husband and Wife team living in Northern California and we depend on bikes every day in our lives. We have 2 boys that are very active and love riding bikes too. We've been avid mountain bikers for many years and we're now getting our kids into all sorts of fun biking activities. We also use bikes for commuting, dropping the kids at school, running errands and even grocery shopping.

In the beginning of 2018 we bought our first ebike and it was a game changer. They are tough, extremely fun and also very practical. Ebikes are so much fun whether you want to use pedal assist to extend how far you can go on a ride or if you want to cruise around on full battery power like a motorcycle, ebikes are a Blast! Some are built for comfort. Some are built for speed and some are built for function. Cyclists who are new to ebikes sometimes think they will detract from the fun or exercise rewards but we have not found that to be true at all. We still pedal it out on long XC or enduro mountain bike rides, fighting it out with gravity and the terrain but ebikes have brought a new layer of enjoyment to our daily lives. 

Our purpose with this site is to focus on the ebikes that we think are the best rides around and bring you one source for getting your own awesome ebikes that you will love for years, like the Cheetah. Our goal is to make them accessible to other individuals, and families like us. We greatly appreciate your support. Get outside, stay outside and we'll see you around town :)